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Bark and Branch are the team that you need to call when you’re looking for a vegetation management specialist and tree surgeon in Chapel en le frith. From helping prune trees to removing them entirely, as well as dealing with problematic weeds, we take pride in both the quality of the work that we do and the customer service we provide.

The team at Bark and Branch is highly qualified, each of them bringing expertise in their field of choice, with plenty of experience using the skills and tools necessary for the job. Whether you’re a residential homeowner, a commercial property owner or manager, or a builder or developer, we can help you.

What Your Tree Surgeon in Chapel en le frith Does

Also known as arborists, we provide four basic details that ensure the care and management of any trees or vegetation on your property. Here’s what you should know about each of them:

Tree Surgery

Whether you’re in need of a trim for a light reduction or full tree removal, our team can provide the tree surgeon in Chapel en le frith    that you need. Tree removals can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, from freeing a view from the home to preventing storm damage. We take care of the clean-up as well, so you don’t need to worry about any mess.

Vegetation and Invasive Weed Control

Is your property being assaulted by problematic vegetation such as Japanese knotweed? These invasive weeds can spread fast and endanger the local ecosystem. As such, we bring a wide range of solutions, including some mechanical and some chemical, making sure we find the right one to manage and eliminate the vegetation that threatens your property.

Tree and Site Clearance

If you’re looking to develop a piece of land, then you need to make sure there are no trees or vegetation in the weay. WIth CSCS qualifications to ensure a safe worksite, we offer tree and site clearance services that are regularly relied on by construction workers, contractors, landscapers, and housing developers.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can often get in the way. If you’re looking to run pavement, build a drive way, add a pool to the property, or even to extend your property, then you might need to get rid of it. Our team brings the tools to quickly and efficiently take care of those problematic stumps for you, turning them into a pile of wood chips in mere minutes. We can clean up the site, after, too.

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The team at Bark and Branch services Chapel en le frith and the entire surrounding region. Qualified, fully insured, and experienced in working on all matter of sites, we can bring the tree and vegetation services that you need, whether you’re a homeowner, commercial property owner, contractor or otherwise. Feel free to call us today at 07958 495031 or fill out the Request A Quote form on our website.