Why You Should Always Remove Tree Stumps

Tree Stumps

You’ve cut down that dying tree in your yard and now you’re confident the job is done. Not so fast.

Stump removal is an important part of clearing your property correctly. At Bark and Branch Tree Care, we frequently perform tree surgery in Derbyshire to trim branches or even cut down trees. However, one of the most looked over services is stump removal.

If you believe that you can, and should, leave behind your tree’s stump, think again. Consider the following reasons why you should always remove tree stumps.


They’re Unappealing

One of our prime Derbyshire tree services is stump removal—mostly because homeowners aren’t fond of the way stumps look. If you’re particular about the way your yard looks, then stump removal won’t be an option, it will be a must.


They Promote Tree Growth

Often new trees will sprout around the base of tree stumps. This is unsightly and can be costly as they frequently reappear if the stump isn’t removed.


They Take Up Valuable Space

Dreaming about creating the perfect backyard? Then you don’t want to leave stumps as they are. If you’ve cut down a tree, be sure to have the stump removed with it to free up the space for new vegetation of your choice.


They’re Dangerous

Believe it or not, stumps can be dangerous, particularly if you have a small amount of property. Children who are running or playing in the yard could easily trip over them and end up with broken bones. When mowing they become a forgotten yard hazard as foliage grows over them.


They Attract Bugs

Don’t like creepy crawlies? Then remove your stump. Trees provide habitats for thousands of species of insect life, and they flock to wood like moths to flames. Complete removal is necessary to avoid an infestation of bugs in your backyard.


Now that you know why you need to remove tree stumps, you need to find someone who can tackle it for you. That’s where we can help. We can be your tree surgeon in Glossop and Derbyshire. Our tree services include stump removal, and we’ll gladly help you free up space in your yard.






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