What You Should Know about Land Site Clearance

Do you have a commercial property that is in dire need of land clearance? While Bark and Branch Tree Care offers tree pruning in Buxton, we also provide comprehensive professional land site clearance.

However, before you hire us or any other company for tree removal in Glossop or the surrounding areas, first consider a few important points you need to know.

Land Clearance

Your Property Should Be Clearly Marked

For proper land site clearance, you must clearly mark any trees or foliage you do not want to be removed. Land site removal specialist do not distinguish between what should be kept or left unless you clearly mark your property. Before you plan the land site clearance, hire an expert to discuss which trees would be best to leave behind, aside from those that you like. Then mark them clearly with a rope or ribbon that is brightly coloured.


Land Clearance is Heavily Regulated

Land clearance is a regulated industry. It requires approval from officials as it can cause serious long-term damage to the environment if done improperly. You have to seek approval from local officials to guarantee you don’t destroy protected wildlife or habitats. Planning permission is often required for commercial properties as well.


Tree Pruning in BuxtonRoots Should be Removed for a Complete Clearance

Trees can be cut down but that doesn’t mean that the property is completely cleared. In fact, roots can take hold much deeper below the surface. If you do not remove the roots completely, trees could grow back in the most inopportune areas.


Consider Selling Timber

In addition to carefully clearing away roots and foliage, land site clearance also holds out the potential to sell off your timber. Timber is in high demand, and certain types of wood are more valuable. Again, be sure to double check with local laws before you sell any timber to other providers.


For more information about tree removal Buxton or tree removal Glossop, please contact our team. We’d be happy to help you get the perfect land site clearance for your commercial or residential property. We also have the credentials to remove timber as needed.






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