What Happens to Trees During the Winter?

Tree Surgeons New Mills

As your local tree surgeons in New Mills Derbyshire, we are constantly being asked questions about trees (which is totally fine with us!). One of those questions is what happens to trees during the dormant months of winter?

Most people know that trees go bare during the cold winter months. We also specialise in tree removal in New Mills Derbyshire, so we know when the best time is to cut trees and maintain them. What is interesting, however, is that trees keep going through a serious change during the winter.

Trees actually go into their own hibernation during the winter months. This actually keeps them alive in those cold months. Just like with animals, trees go into hibernation by slowing down. Their metabolism and energy consumption also goes way down as well as its growth. The first stage is when the trees lose their leaves.

Trees do not make leaves during the winter, which reduces their need to actually consume more energy dense nutrients. When the time comes for the trees to drop their leaves, the tree releases a chemical called ABA. This kills the tree’s leaves causing it to break away.

This same chemical also suspends growth until when the time is right. This happens in both coniferous and deciduous trees. Just like animals, again, trees also store energy in their trunks, but it does conserve its energy when needed.

If you want to prevent your tree from going into dormancy, you need to bring it indoors where the temperature is stable and the light pattern stays the same as well. The problem is, this can damage the tree as well. Dormancy is a natural cycle that happens throughout the lifespan of the tree. The best thing for your trees is to let them stay outdoors in a dormant state.

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