What Does a Tree Surgeon Do

Tree Surgeons New Mills


Here at Bark and Branch Tree Care, we call ourselves tree surgeons in New Mills, but what does that really mean? Whether you live in New Mills or are looking for help from tree surgeons in Buxton, we want to help.

Here’s what you need to know about what we as tree surgeons do.


Tree Surgeons

There are several facets to the job of a tree surgeon. Our team is required to know how to use ropes, harnesses, and equipment. They also need to understand how to use plans and maps. Our surgeons work to assess hazards that trees pose to property and passersby. They also can help residential homeowners determine the health of trees and work towards creating treatment plans for dying or sick trees.


What Do They Do?

In addition to tree surgeons offering more complicated treatments and plans, we also provide pruning and branch removal services. Should you have an overgrowth thanks to a large tree, we can, as tree surgeons come to your property and remove the overgrowth quickly. We can also help with planting trees in the right areas by first assessing your property and the growth pattern of the tree you’ve selected. Our services also extend to felling trees when needed.

By definition, some refer to tree surgeons as arborists. That is the technical name for what we do. As a general rule, however, tree surgeons provide maintenance and care for trees on various properties (including commercial).


Why Do You Need One?

If you own a property, you need a tree surgeon. Because trees are such an integral part of our environment, they need to be taken care of by experts. Natural growth, adverse weather, and building projects can change the environment surrounding trees. This means you need to deal with it in advance before it becomes a more serious issue.

As tree surgeons Derbyshire, we specialise in taking care of trees in countless ways. Whether you need tree removal in New Mills or require someone to handle your maintenance (such as trimming branches). Please contact us to learn more about our maintenance services.






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