Tree Surgery Derbyshire Terms Explained

Tree Surgery Derbyshire

As we have explained previously, once you have decided that your tree (or trees) need some care and attention then you need to contact an expert in tree surgery in Derbyshire. Once they arrive on site, the tree surgeon will have a chat with you so that they can get a better feel for what you want to achieve and then they will have a good look at the trees to see how much work needs doing, if any.

If work is needed, the tree surgeon may use some terms to describe the work to you, that you may not be familiar with. Therefore, we have pulled together some of the common terms we use and a little explanation of them to give you a better idea of the sort of Derbyshire tree surgery we undertake:

Crown Cleaning

This task involves removing unwanted branches from the crown of the tree, and may also include some pruning work as well. It often includes removing rubbish such as old tree houses, climbing plants such as ivy, and parasitic plants such as Mistletoe.

Crown Lifting

This term refers to the removal of lower branches of the tree to a specified height which should not be more than one-third of the overall height of the tree. This work tends to be undertaken in order to separate the tree canopy from the ground to create space and improve the look of the tree, or because some pruning is required in order to allow more light into the space.

Crown Reduction

This is when the overall crown of the tree is made smaller, but no more than a third of the trees foliage should be removed and the outcome should be a natural looking shape with no thick ends protruding.  Reduction is normally required when a tree is considered too big for its position in the garden but the owners do not want the tree removed, or when the tree’s stability is in question due to changes in the ground.

Crown Thinning

Thinning refers to the removal of specific branches from a tree in order to reduce the overall density, and is normally a task that is done because more light is needed through the crown or the wind needs to be able to pass threw more easily. Again, no more than a third of the branches should be removed in order to preserve the health of the tree.

Formative Prune

This is the pruning that is undertaken on a young tee in order to help it to grow strong and healthy. This task may need to be undertaken more than once, depending on the age and growth of the tree, but it is a necessary task that can save on more expensive and invasive tree surgery later on in the trees life.


Trimming is the removal of soft outer leaves and branches with a hedge trimmer, and is a task that is usually undertaken annually.

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