Top Trees to Plant for Wind Blockage

Plant for Wind Blockage

Winter is creeping up on us, and as it does we think about landscaping that could improve our warmth over the coming months. As a go-to tree surgeon in New Mills Derbyshire, we do our best to provide our clients with suggestions to keep them and their landscape healthy and happy all year long. With that, here are our top suggestions for wind-blocking trees as your tree surgeons in New Mills Derbyshire.

Eastern Redcedar

This evergreen grows to be about 50 feet tall and enjoys direct sunlight for total growth. Its thick bark and foliage make it great for blocking wind gusts.

Chinese Juniper

If you need an evergreen that is deer-resistant and very durable, this is the tree to plant in your yard.

Dawn Redwood

Fast-growing and is ideally suited for oversized yards and loses its needles during the cold winter months.

Port Orford Cedar

Another quick growing tree, the Port Orford Cedar is an evergreen that’s native to the US state of Oregon. It fairs well in UK’s tough climate though.

White Cedar

Highly popular and looks great, it has a long cone shape and is ideal for blocking wind from coming into your home.

Eastern White Pine

This tree grows quickly at up to three feet each year. It can keep your home nice and toasty no matter how cold the winter gets this year.

Colorado Blue Spruce

If you need a tree that both blocks the wind and is low-maintenance, then the Colorado Blue Spruce is the right tree for your yard. It also has a gorgeous color you cannot find with other trees.

Norway Spruce

Winter is harsh on trees. The Norway spruce is used to the harsh winter climate and is a very strong and fast-growing evergreen that works well with almost any soil.

White & Douglas Fir

Both of these trees are great for snowy, icy environments. The White Fir is widely used as a Christmas tree thanks to its thick foliage.

If you want to add any of these trees to your yard this winter, give our team a call. We can also offer tree removal in New Mills Derbyshire to make room for your new trees.