Top Tree Pruning & Site Clearance Tips

Do you feel lost when it comes to pruning in new mills Derbyshire? If so, we want to help. We’ve listed a few professional tips below for tree pruning and site clearance to get you started.


Tree Pruning Tips


Avoid these Practices for Tree Pruning

As experts in tree pruning in New Mills Derbyshire, we avoid poor tree pruning habits that can cause damage to your tree. Some of the more common techniques that we see used are topping, lion’s tailing, and roosted-tailing.

The topping is bad because it reduces the tree’s size by shortening much-needed limbs and branches thus leaving large stubs behind.

Lion’s tailing removes far too many inner branches from the tree leaving it looking barren at best.

Rooster-tailing is an over-thinning of the tree’s palms causing too many lower fronds.


Thin your Trees for the Best Results

When we provide tree clearance in New Mills, we start with thinning. This process involves selectively reducing the density of the tree’s live branches. This  provides better sunlight penetration and air movement. This is good news for trees. It allows them to flourish and grow in a healthy way.


There are Better Ways to Reduce Foliage

Reducing the height and spread of your tree is pretty easy. The best way to do this is through selective pruning. This reduces the risk of failure during utility clearance, clearing vegetation, or just to improve the appearance of your trees.


Not All Trees are Created Equal

It’s important to realize that no two trees or shrub species are able to tolerate reduction pruning. Considering the plant’s health is critical if you want it to last long-term.


Hire a Professional for Site Clearance

Don’t mistakenly believe that you can handle your site clearance in New Mills. Professionals like our team, have the equipment and experience needed to effectively remove vegetation from your property and to prepare it for clearance and new landscaping.


If you’re in need of tree pruning or site clearance in New Mills, we’d love to help. We’ll use our expertise to properly remove vegetation and leave your landscape ready for new vegetation or for the fall season.




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