Top Tree Care Questions—And Our Answers

Are you in need of Derbyshire tree services? Or do you suspect that your trees could use proper care? If so, you might have a few questions you’d like to answer first.

Aside from offering tree surgery in Derbyshire, we also specialise in assisting home owners and business owners in achieving a healthy landscape. Let’s take a look at a few of the top questions we’re regularly asked, and the solutions we have to offer.

Tree Care Question


What Kind of Approval Do I Need to Care For My Trees?

The UK has several regulations on wildlife and landscapes—, especially trees. It’s critical that you understand these requirements to avoid breaking the law. With countless conservation areas to pay attention to, you could be held liable and/or fined if you violate these requirements. If you’re concerned that you need approval before working on your property, visit local authorities either online or in person. Bark and Branch Tree Care can also do this on your behalf. Clearly, if you need a tree surgeon in Glossop or the surrounding areas, you need a professional who knows these laws, and we’re that company.


Is it possible for a Tree to Damage My Property?

Tree root systems go deep underground. Fortunately, you can reduce this root system by pruning its canopy. When a tree lacks a large canopy, it doesn’t have to extend its roots to feed it. When you reduce the canopy, you reduce your risk of damaging property from fallen trees, weather, or other such problems. We offer tree surgery in Derbyshire to keep your tree under control and prevent long-term damage to your property.


Do My Trees Need to Be Watered?

In most cases, no they do not. Young trees, however, do require frequent watering as they grow. This encourages the root to grow making the tree stronger. You can install a drainpipe into the ground to feed directly to the roots of the tree for the best results. Of course, we also offer this as one of our Derbyshire tree services.


How Can I Tell if My Tree Suffers from Pests?

Trees are easy to take for granted. Which is why people so often miss the warning signs that their trees suffering from pests. Our advice is to check your trees regularly. Inspect its leaves during the warmer months and its bark during the winter months to see if it’s suffering from pests that cause lesions or marks. You can also head over to the DEFRA website for information about tree pests and diseases.

Ultimately we want to be your tree surgeon in Derbyshire. If you have any other questions about tree care or how we can help, please reach out to us today.




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