Storms and Tree Removal in New Mills

Tree Removal in New Mills

Storms and Tree Removal in New Mills

As specialists in tree removal in New Mills we have dealt with many storm damaged trees over the years and so we are well aware that storms can affect trees in a multitude of different ways. Some of the ways that trees can be damaged by storms include: rain intensity and duration, wind direction and wind speed.

Storm damage tends to happen when the force exerted on the tree by the wind is stronger than the structural strength of the tree. Most of the effects of storm damage are easy to identify as high winds tend to rip off branches and can even snap or uproot the whole tree.

Less obvious storm damage can happen as well, and this can include branches being damaged but staying on the tree, or partial uprooting of the tree. Partial uprooting tends to take place when the tree is already teetering due to water logging of the ground around it or a loss of root mass.

If the storm is really bad, then it could be that lightening strikes may occur. As tree surgeons in Buxton, we have seen some trees that have suffered large cuts in their trunks due to lightning, and even total destruction. Lightning is very unpredictable unfortunately and once a tree has been struck by lightning there is little that can be done to save it. However, you can reduce the amount of damage the tree incurs with the use of lightening conductors.

In all honesty, major tree damage inflicted by storms is something that doesn’t happen very often and we can help you prepare for the worst with our tree surgery services. Keeping on top of pruning your tree can mean that the risk of future damage is reduced, and so it can save you money in the long run.

Let’s put this potential damage into perspective. In the UK alone, around 5 people a year are killed by falling branches or trees, with 3 of these being from trees in public spaces (as opposed to their own garden). Although this sounds like quite a high number, when you think about the total number of people who live in the UK, the chances of this happening to you are one in a 10 million. Good tree maintenance however, can help you to assess what risk there is in your trees (if any) and help you to manage this risk in a reasonable way.

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