Six Signs that You Need Tree Removal Disley

Tree Removal Disley

For most people who have trees in their garden, the condition of the trees isn’t really a concern especially if the look is fine on the surface. However, the actual tree itself could be unstable and collapse at any minute, causing damage to property, vehicles, and even transport lines. If you do fail to spot a tree that needs removing and it falls, your insurance company will not pay out as they will say it was your responsibility as the property owner. All is not lost though, our years of providing tree removal Disley has taught us some signs you can look out for that will alert you to the fact that your tree may need removing:



If you suddenly spot a large or deep crack in your tree, then it is likely that it is suffering from internal decay or some other kind of structural weakness. If this weakness or decay is serious enough, then the tree may split or collapse on itself. Not all cracks signify serious damage though, and some cracked trees can stand for years so it is best to get hold of a tree removal Disley service like ourselves to take a look.



One of the most obvious signs that a tree is unstable is if it starts to lean. If the angle of the lean begins to grow obviously then you need to take immediate precautionary steps and arrange for it to be removed. Other things to look out for are cracks in the roots around the tree and loose soil.


Root Damage

The basis of any strong tree is a good root system to anchor it, keep it stable and supply it with the nutrients and water it needs to grow strong and healthily. Any damage to the root system can therefore cause severe problems without you knowing it, so it is always best to keep a close eye.


Weak Branches

If a lot of large pieces of dead wood have been dropping from the top of the tree, then this could be a sign that it is in a bit of trouble. Keep an eye on branches that attach to the trunk, and if they have a tight v-shape crotch then this shows there is a weak connection.


History of the Tree

Any jobs or building works that have taken place near the tree in recent years could have caused damage that may have weakened the tree – for example, the roots may have been disturbed.


Tree Environment

The spot that the tree is planted in will also help to determine whether it should be removed or not, for example if it is close to your house or where you park your car then it needs to be carefully inspected to determine how healthy it is and whether it needs removing or not.


We have briefly covered some of the signs that show you may need tree removal Derbyshire in this blog, but if you want to discuss it in more detail please call us on 01663 308579 or 07958 495031, or send us an email to