Most Common Tree Diseases in the UK

Our trees are far from impervious. They lean on us to stand up for them and prevent unnecessary pests from ruining their health. Fortunately, you can do much to prevent common tree diseases. The first step is awareness.

Before you consider our tree removal in New Mills or end up cutting down the tree yourself, think first about whether or not it needs to be done at all. As tree surgeons in New Mills, we continually have clients contact us for tree removal services only to get there and realise the tree doesn’t need to be cut down.

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Here are some of the common tree diseases you can be on the lookout for to keep your landscape healthy.

Acute Oak Decline

If you have mature English or Sessile Oak Trees, your trees are at risk of acute oak decline. Typically this disease occurs on trees at 50 years of age or older. Drought and stress can cause this illness, but there are numerous causes.

Symptoms of this disease include lesions at bleed points, larvae weaving paths under the inner and outer wood, and an unattractive black weeping patch across the stem and trunk. Eventually, this will kill the tree if left untreated.



Massaria is a fungus created disease that affects trees throughout London. You’ll see dying branches that eventually break off and fall to the ground.

The first signs of the disease appear in a pinkish strip on top of the upper surface of the branch. This causes lesions to extend between the branch and the stem. You should be able to see the infection from the ground despite this from appearing at the top of the tree.


Horse Chestnut Canker

The UK is currently being affected by an outbreak of Horse Chestnut Canker. This affects trees of all ages in both north of Scotland and south England. Symptoms of this disease including bleeding of tree stems and some bleeding on scaffold branches. Most of the disease is caused by a bacterium. Weather change is likely to blame for the illness’ explosion. Often this disease disfigures mature trees, large trees can also die. Younger trees are at a greater risk that can die in 3-5 years.

If you feel like your trees are suffering from any disease, then contact us as your tree surgeon in New Mills, Derbyshire. We would love to help you.




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