How Much Tree Mulch Do Your Trees Need?

As your go-to tree surgeon in Buxton, we take our role seriously. One area we continually are asked about is mulching. Mulch is used to nourish your trees and keep them healthy. However, there is such a thing as too much mulch.

If you’re thinking about adding mulch to your property we want to help. As Tree surgeon in Glossop, we take pride in delivering high-quality tree services that get the best results. Here are our recommendations for mulching your trees.

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When is There Too Much Mulch?

That depends on the age of your tree.

For example, two to three inches of mulch is perfect for young trees. Anything more can cause damage.

While mulching can keep weeds at bay too much of it can suffocate your trees causing them to die prematurely.

The correct amount of mulch should be administered by your landscaping team. Ideally, you’ll hire tree surgeons in New Mills or your local area to tackle this process for you.


Type of Mulch

The type of mulch you use will also determine how much of it you should apply.

Leaf mulch, for example, is much thicker than other types of mulch and can be used as a layering tool. Leaves are ideal for young trees because of the essential minerals contained within each leaf. They also release these minerals more quickly because they decompose at a faster rate.

Bark mulch is another type of mulch that’s commonly used for mature trees. However, it doesn’t break down as quickly making it less beneficial for younger trees.

The best type of mulch is medium-textured. This allows for air and water to flow through the mulch reaching the tree roots down below.


How to Apply It

Spread your mulch under your trees with a layer of about 3-4 inches covering the base of the tree. Create a donut-shape for the best results. Too much mulch can cause excess moisture and result in mold and fungi growing on the trunk. Extend the mulch to the drip line of the tree to get the best results.

If you’d like assistance selecting and applying your mulch, please make us your tree surgeons in Glossop. We serve New Mills, Buxton, Glossop and beyond.




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