Felling a Tree is Not Easy—Don’t Fall Prey to the Hidden Dangers of Doing So!

It’s far from uncommon for people to attempt to fell their own tree. Most people assume if they have a basic understanding of the dynamics of geometry, they can handle cutting down a tree. However, it is not that simple.

At Bark and Branch Tree Care, we offer tree surgery in Derbyshire to a wide variety of clients. And as a tree surgeon in Glossop, we know precisely how to fell trees so that your home, family, and property is safe and secure.

Even still, many people insist on doing it themselves. If you feel as though you can handle your tree falling needs, you might want to consider the risks of doing so before you pull out your chainsaw.

Tree Surgery Derbyshire


Electrical Wires

One of the most overlooked issues while felling trees are electrical wires. Often, they aren’t as obvious as you think they would be. Many were laid far before even your home was, which means they don’t stand out. As experts offering Derbyshire tree services, we know how to look for these electrical wires and how to avoid them.


Phone Hookups

Another issue is phone lines. The last thing you want is to cut off your phone line from your home. Our job is to help you avoid that by felling your tree in the opposite direction of either phone lines or electrical wires. When you tackle this project yourself, you might not know which way your tree is going to fall, leading to serious issues. Don’t fall victim to the thinking you can do it all yourself. Hire a professional tree surgeon in Glossop.


Ladders & Safety Harnesses

Additionally, when you try to fell your own tree, you run into serious safety issues. Many a homeowner has been injured and even killed trying to fall their own trees. This isn’t a project for novices. It should be handled with expert care and should be handled with safety equipment and harnesses as well. If you don’t have access to proper ladders and safety harnesses, then you should rethink doing this job on your own.

If you need assistance for your tree surgery in Derbyshire, then reach out to us today. We are happy to help you manage your tree felling needs.