5 Questions You Should Ask before Pruning Your Tree

At Bark and Branch Tree Care, tree pruning in Glossop is one of our specialties. We also work tirelessly as tree surgeons in Disley to make sure hundreds of landscapes each year are maintained according to the highest arborist standards.

One question we are often asked is, how do I know when it’s time to prune my trees? The answer is complex, but there are a few simple questions you can ask yourself before you make a decision. Ultimately your tree surgeon in Disley should have the answer to these questions.

Tree Pruning

#1. Are there dead hanging branches throughout the tree?

Dead branches, weak, and twisted twigs are a strong indicator that your tree needs to be pruned. Dead branches can damage health ones can cause more problems down the line. They can also be hotbeds for fungi and bacteria. Cutting them sooner rather than later keeps your tree healthy.


#2. Is it safe to prune your trees right now?

If you have young saplings hanging out anywhere near the base of your mature trees it might not be safe to prune them. Similarly, don’t rush to prune new trees that are just starting to form branches.


#3. Is it the right time of year to prune?

When it comes to tree pruning Glossop, it’s best to look closely at the time of year. Depending on the type of tree you have, winter might be a deadly time to prune. Pay attention to your trees needs before making a decision to prune them.


#4. Do I know how to keep the natural shape of the tree when I prune it?

Erratic or vigorous branches often are growing that way in response to their environment. Often this causes a misshapen tree. Not only is this aesthetically unappealing but it is also harmful to the growth of the tree. Removing these branches before it’s too late helps give your tree a better shape.


#5. Will insurance cover me if there is some sort of damage to my home or landscape?

If you aren’t sure if your insurance covers damages caused from tree pruning, it’s best to hire a professional to do the pruning for you.

Still not sure if you should start pruning your trees? Then reach out to us and let us be your tree surgeons in Disley.