4 Convincing Reasons To Hire An Experienced Site Clearance Company

Site Clearance


As tree surgeons in Glossop, we specialise in providing high-quality tree removals, but we also offer comprehensive site clearance services. Whether you’re looking for a tree surgeon in Buxton or beyond, we want to help you clear your property the right way.

Thinking about handling your site clearance in-house? Not sure if it matters if you hire a professional to help with your site clearance? Then consider the following four reasons it does.


Reason #1. It Requires Heavy Duty Machinery

Clearing your property isn’t as simple as it sounds. You need tree surgeons to tackle the job for you, primarily because of the equipment it requires. Heavy machinery also requires professionals who can properly use it which brings us to our second reason…


Reason #2. Local Laws are Strenuous

Ignorance isn’t an excuse in the eyes of the law. To prevent being subjugated to penalties and fines, you need an experienced team to manage your clearance and handle your equipment.


Reason #3. They can Make You Money

That’s right, if your lot has plenty of trees then you could re-sell what you clear. As a tree surgeon in new mills, we provide clearance services that involve disposing of your timber. This could even lead to extra cash for you.


Reason #4. Removal of Trees is Imperative

Unfortunately, simply cutting down trees doesn’t qualify for a complete site removal. You need experienced individuals to uproot your trees directly from the roots to prevent regrowth. This is particularly true if you are planning to build near the location where trees were. An experienced team knows how important this is and makes sure to completely remove your trees.

Experience in all technical jobs is important. Inexperienced teams may be unaware of the work involved and undercharge you, leaving you to foot the bill for the leftover work. At Bark and Branch, we know how to carefully remove trees and vegetation to guarantee a complete removal for your property.

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