Most Common Tree Diseases in the UK

Our trees are far from impervious. They lean on us to stand up for them and prevent unnecessary pests from ruining their health. Fortunately, you can do much to prevent common tree diseases. The first step is awareness. Before you consider our tree removal in New Mills or end up cutting down the tree yourself, … Continued

How Much Tree Mulch Do Your Trees Need?

As your go-to tree surgeon in Buxton, we take our role seriously. One area we continually are asked about is mulching. Mulch is used to nourish your trees and keep them healthy. However, there is such a thing as too much mulch. If you’re thinking about adding mulch to your property we want to help. … Continued

Top Tree Care Questions—And Our Answers

Are you in need of Derbyshire tree services? Or do you suspect that your trees could use proper care? If so, you might have a few questions you’d like to answer first. Aside from offering tree surgery in Derbyshire, we also specialise in assisting home owners and business owners in achieving a healthy landscape. Let’s … Continued

How To Choose A Tree Surgeon Derbyshire

If you’re in need of tree pruning in Derbyshire, then you may want to look at hiring a tree surgeon in Derbyshire. Before you do, however, you have to figure out how to choose the right tree surgeons in Derbyshire. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you hire a professional … Continued

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed removal in New Mills is one of our key services at Bark and Branch Tree Care. However, many of our clients know very little about this invasive and much-feared plant. While we spend a lot of our time removing it during our vegetation clearance in New Mills, we also appreciate the fortitude of … Continued

Top Tree Pruning & Site Clearance Tips

Do you feel lost when it comes to pruning in new mills Derbyshire? If so, we want to help. We’ve listed a few professional tips below for tree pruning and site clearance to get you started.     Avoid these Practices for Tree Pruning As experts in tree pruning in New Mills Derbyshire, we avoid … Continued

What Happens If Your Tree Surgeon Does A Bad Job?

When you hire a tree surgeon in New Mills Derbyshire, you’re expecting a high-quality result. You simply want your landscaping to look good and save you money. But what happens if things don’t go as planned? Are the outcomes really that tragic? As professional tree surgeons in New Mills Derbyshire, we take pride in delivering … Continued

Expert Tree Pruning Tips

At Bark and Branch Tree Care, we provide tree removal in Disley and tree pruning in Disley.  Unfortunately, we have run into countries homeowners who are dissatisfied with the tree pruning job their tree company did on their property. Additionally, some folks want to do it themselves. If you’re in the latter category, then you … Continued

What is a Tree Survey and Why Do You Need One

Are you having land cleared in Glossop or Disley? If so, you may need a tree survey first. At Bark and Branch Tree Care we provide tree pruning in Glossop and Disley, but we also provide tree survey services. Today we’re taking a closer look at what a tree survey entails and why you need … Continued

What You Should Know about Land Site Clearance

Do you have a commercial property that is in dire need of land clearance? While Bark and Branch Tree Care offers tree pruning in Buxton, we also provide comprehensive professional land site clearance. However, before you hire us or any other company for tree removal in Glossop or the surrounding areas, first consider a few … Continued